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“Popcorn,” Pepper,” “Blinky” and Ruby”

Photo courtesy of Judy M.

“Lilo” (from Joe F.)  

Sophia (from Laureen H.)

“Gus” - photo by Megan P.

“Ruby Lou” - photos by Brenda B.

“Snickers” - photo by Jennifer G.

“Bleu” - photo by Alexis M.

“Arrow” the German Shorthaired Pointer (sleeping on left; looking for birds on right).

Photos courtesy of Bob and Janet F.

“Gus” (from Megan and Josh P.)

“Ginger” (left) and “Ironman” (right)

(photos from Andrea E. and Adam C.)

12 year old “Val” (from Dale and Lesley C.)

Miss Tease (from Sri R. and Lee O.

“Max” (on left); “Oliver” (on right).

Photos courtesy of Francie F. and Liz W.

“Hudson” (from Jarrod and Tarrah B.)

“Jude” – rescued from Homeward Pet Adoption (from Arnie and Kathy M.)

Super cute and adorable “Blue” (from Alex B. and Jessica R.)

Chip (from Sonja and Curtis C.)

Scatter (from Lori and Gary F.)

Cooper (from Layla A.)

Sasha (from Kristin S.)

Spank (from Mark T.)

Wyle E. and Freddie (from Cindy W.)

Jake the 18 pound cat and Connor the Chiweenie dog (from Heather & Dave K.)

Sophie and Sadie (from Michael T.)

Ivy & Kessie Squirrel Patrol (from Kim C.)

Shadow (from Sue and Dave W.)

“Zatanna” (from Aliya M.)  

Skahi, Maky and Wolf (from Shannon B.)

Rudy (from Jim and Kathleen S.)  

Candy Behrend’s Labrador Retrievers

The “Three  Cavaliers” — Crissy, Hoku and Stella, courtesy of Bob and Chris Kelsey

Candy Behrend’s very happy

Labrador Retriever

Suki going for a cruise;

courtesy of Missy Palacol

Life is good for Buttercup and Violet

courtesy of Jodi Miller

Hetchy’s first camping trip

courtesy of Caitlin and Colin Bunnell

“Go Seahawks... please win a game!”

Buster Brown and Maggie Mae

courtesy of Joni and Mike Boness

Maggie Magoo

courtesy of Renee Schoolcraft

“You were saying...?”

Grady, courtesy of Tanya and Paul K.

“What’s up?”

Calvin, courtesy of Mel and Debra K.

Cake Pops Worthy of the Birthday Boy

Rory, courtesy of Jen M.

“Ready to Go!”

Ehupualani, courtesy of Ryan & Lokelani S.

“Puppy Sees, Puppy Does!”

Puppy Caesar (left) and Athena (right)

courtesy of Ana C.

“Vacation time!”

Beamer, courtesy of Drew R. and Steve N.

Niko, 1st place winner in our Christmas Pet Photo Contest on Facebook (submitted by Melissa Tucker-Davisson)

2nd place winner Jack Russell Terrier (submitted by Maryjayne Gossard)

Chula, 3rd place winner and Santa’s Little Helper (submitted by Judy Zarko-Seely)

Ruff, having some Winter fun

courtesy of George and Kathy J.

Riley and Flash Kovar

(courtesy of our own Dr. Kovar)

Lucy after completing the Furry 5K... 12th year in a row!

(photo courtesy of Jill S.)  

The lovely “Mini”

(photo courtesy of Emily C.)

Winning Dog in our Halloween Photo Contest: “Lai-Lo” by Tara B.

Winning Cat in our Halloween Photo Contest: “Sassy” by Cathy K.

“Jeremiah” (photo from Joanne P.)

Bubba, Milo and Leo (from Karin and Jeff W.)

The incredibly talented Loomis (photo from Brittany M.)

Bailey with a pet squirrel

(from Jim and Jackie N.)

Spencer (photo from Karin P.)

Luke (photo courtesy of Daryl and Laurel S.)

DiMaggio (photo by Cheryl W.)

“Winston” (from Josie and Charles G.)  

“Enzo” (from Vivian and Jim W.)  

“Miley” (aka ‘Junior,’ from Kim T.)

“Linguini” (aka ‘Junior,’ from Louise C.)

Tucker (from Laurie P.)

Aristotle and Radar, adopted from Homeward Pet (from Roberta B.)

“Red Dog” (left) and “Bronx” (right)

Photo courtesy of Rachel H.

“Jake” (dalmatian) and “Lola” calico cat, “Sadie Mae” (right); photos courtesy of Terri S.

“Buttercup” photos courtesy of Carolyn K.

“Odin” (Neopolitan Mastiff) photo courtesy of Vicki B.

“Champ” (black lab) and “Geronimo” (Beagle)

photos courtesy of Hector P.

“Archie” the Golden Retriever puppy; photos courtesy of Chelsie R.

“Quincy” - from Marge B.

“Tanner” (pictured with our LVT Tessina); photo from Terry & Paul Thierry

“Carolyne” the Greyhound

photo from Gail R.

“Jo Jo” - photo from Beverly T.

“Ace” (above) and “Deuce” (at right); photos from Lisa A.

“Lexi” and “Janie”;

photo from Ted and Shari S.

“Picasso” – from Bill and Hannah W.