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About Us

For over sixty years, Bothell Pet Hospital has existed to provide quality pet care, which we believe contributes to a healthy community. However, our definition of “quality” goes far beyond efficient, knowledgeable, and comprehensive veterinary medical care. We believe in serving with kindness and compassion, providing honest information that helps guide your decisions, and offering veterinary services at a fair value. This is our complete definition of excellence.

Our Patients

Bothell Pet Hospital primarily serves dogs and cats and the humans who love them. We are especially proud of our long tradition of lasting relationships, which often begins with grandparents, and continues over time with their children and grandchildren. Whenever we welcome a new client, we look forward to establishing these same long-term bonds.

Our History

Bothell Pet Hospital was founded in 1954 by Dr. George Venema, and purchased by Dr. William “Bill” Cleveland in 1992. One year later, Bill was joined by Dr. Lesley Kovar, and for almost a decade the two of them served the community’s small animal healthcare needs together. As the clinic continued to grow, Dr. Shannon Smith joined the practice in 2004, Dr. Kim Hsu in 2005, Dr. Karen Wichert in 2013, and Dr. Naomi Keiper in 2015. These wonderful veterinarians are supported by an extraordinary team of administrative and veterinary assistants… some of whom have been with us for over 15 years. Their mutual goal is to help you and your pet feel welcome, comfortable, and cared for.

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